Environmental Installation
One mile along Barkers Beach

Starpath was an environmental installation by Bendel Hydes, created at the northernmost point of Grand Cayman Island, in the area known as the Head of Barkers. The installation ran along the beach at Barkers for a mile using natural materials such as seaweed and pine needles to create giant stars approximately 5 feet in diameter.

Starpath focuses on three main parameters of contemporary thinking: the nature of anthropocentric activity as it relates to Grand Cayman, the use of nature and the environment as a general vehicle for metaphor and creativity, and the choice of materials as mediums of aesthetic investigation and discourse. If it is perceived that the unflinching twist of the imagination will give rise to new and defining relationships between already existing elements such as air, water and land, then it is understood that the nature of these compacted stars aim to question the formal and the perpendicular along with the fluid matrix of the environment both as a conduit of artifice and of contemplation. The idea is to produce a work that awakens the spirit.